Clipper Lighters for Camping - Your Best Choice for Outdoor Trips

Clipper Lighters for Camping - Your Best Choice for Outdoor Trips

You need a reliable lighter whether you're into backpacking, glamping, overlanding, or simply camping in the backyard with your kids. Fire is one of the most important aspects of camping outdoors. Not only for cooking but for warmth, safety from wild animals, and emergency signaling.

In this article, we'll look at the best lighters for camping. First, we'll touch on some of the most common lighters. Then, we'll also introduce you to Clipper lighters and highlight what makes them the perfect lighter for camping.

How to Choose the Best Lighters for Camping

Camping isn't all sunny days and mild weather. Sometimes conditions take a turn for the worse. In times like this, you need a reliable lighter with some level of weather resistance, or you won't be able to cook or keep warm when the weather turns bad. Below are some factors to consider when shopping for camping lighters.

Wind Resistance

Starting campfires in windy conditions can be challenging, even for the veteran backpacker. A wind resistant lighter can make the task a lot easier. Some reviewers say the best windproof lighters are flameless, like electric arc lighters, but these types of lighters require batteries. While rechargeable, they could be better for extended trips into the great outdoors.

Water Resistance

A sudden downpour can soak your gear in just a few minutes, so storing your fire starters in a waterproof container is always a good idea. While a fully water-resistant lighter isn't necessary, you'll want a lighter that will work after it gets wet. Always take a spare lighter on extended trips if one gets wet, and you need more time to dry it out.


When backpacking or camping far from civilization, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken lighter. Cheap disposable lighters are known to crack or even fall apart. So avoid them like the plague.

The best camping lighters are made from durable materials. Materials that stand up to abrasion will not crack and have heat resistance. Keep reading to find out about Clipper's ultra-tough specialized nylon lighters.

Heavy, Bulky Lighters

Whether you're an Overlander or an ultra-light backpacker, you'll know saving weight is an important part of packing smart. A durable lighter doesn't need to be heavy or bulky. Clipper lighter is both durable, lightweight, and refillable.

Butane Lighter

Butane lighters are best for camping. However, lighters that take liquid lighter fluid are prone to evaporate over time. You won't have this problem with a good-quality butane lighter. Butane won't evaporate from your lighter unless there's a crack.

Flint Lighters

While electric lighters are convenient, they don't have the water-resistant properties of a flint lighter. If a flint lighter gets wet, it can be dried and used within a few minutes. If an electric lighter gets soaked, it won't work again. Flint doesn't last forever. It wears down over time. Choosing a lighter with replaceable flint will ensure you're not stuck in the backcountry with a broken lighter.

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Are Clippers Good Camping Lighters?

Yes. Clipper's range of lighters has something for every type of camper, whether you're a through-hiker or a backyard camper. But why choose Clipper for camping? Let's take a look.


A Clipper lighter can light up to 3000 times, depending on the time it stays lit and the size of the Clipper. That said, when the gas runs out, refilling it is easy. Underneath a Clipper lighter, you'll find a one-way valve.

Insert the nozzle of a Clipper butane canister into the valve while holding both the lighter and the canister upside down. Hold it for about 5 seconds and remove the nozzle. It's that simple. If you spend an extended period outdoors, a Clipper lighter full of gas should last you the entire time. But if you need more clarification, take a spare lighter instead of a bulky butane canister. That way, you'll save space.


Not only can you refill a Clipper lighter, but you can also replace the flint when it wears out. That means you can use a Clipper lighter for as many camping trips as possible.

To replace the flint, remove the flint housing by pulling on the flint wheel. Unscrew the cap, remove the spring, feed the new flint into the housing, and replace the spring and cap. Slide the flint housing back, and your Clipper is again ready to light a campfire.


When camping, your gear is exposed to the elements, which can result in gear failure. For example, a cracked or broken lighter can mean you're in for a cold night ahead.

Clipper lighters are made from high-grade Nylon (polyamide 66). This specialized nylon is one of the strongest plastic-based materials in the world. It stands up exceptionally well to abrasion, heat, and most chemicals. While other plastic lighters are prone to cracking, Clipper lighters are designed to withstand rigorous use without failing.

The Best Clipper Lighters for Camping

Clipper has a wide range of lighters, most of which are perfect for camping. However, depending on your camper type, you may prefer a specific type of lighter over another. In this section, we'll zoom in on some of the favorite Clipper lighters for camping.

Clipper Classic Pocket Lighter

The Classic Clipper Pocket lighter is ultra-light, perfect for backpacking trips. As the name suggests, it easily fits in your pants pocket. It will also easily fit in your fanny pack or fire-starting kit.

This classic lighter comes in many sizes: large, medium, pocket, and micro. The large and medium size clipper is ideal for extended camping trips as they have a larger gas capacity than the others. Although our Classic Micro lighter has a small gas capacity, it's perfect for shorter ultra-light backpacking trips.

Whether lighting a camp stove or campfire, this pocketable lighter offers great value and is the perfect fire-starting companion.

Clipper Jet Flame Lighter

Our Clipper Jet Flame lighter offers high-level wind resistance if you want a lighter that will stay lit even in adverse conditions. It has a similar design to our classic pocket lighter, except it has an electric ignition system instead of a flint ignition system. Read this post to learn more about our wind-resistant lighters.

What is the Best Windproof Camping Lighter?

Our Jet Flame lighter also has an adjustable flame, perfect for conserving gas when running low. Also, you can crank up the flame size for extra heat. These types of jet lighters are perfect for outdoor use and make great camping lighters.

Like all Clipper lighters, our Jet Flame butane lighter is refillable. Like any of our lighters, you can refill the Jet Flame lighter through the one-way valve underneath.

Clipper Utility Lighter

Clipper utility lighters may not be the best for ultralight backpackers, but they are perfect for overlanding and extended trips. The long neck sets our utility lighters apart, which offers an added level of safety when lighting a camp stove or campfire. In addition, the Clipper Wave has a large capacity.

Clipper Wave

The Clipper Wave has a large gas capacity, making it perfect for longer trips. It comes with a flexible neck or regular neck, both of which are extended. The ergonomic trigger ignition system makes it a pleasure to handle, and the locking mechanism offers another level of safety.

Mini Tube and Tube Plus

Our Mini Tube and Tube Plus have the same long neck design but in a smaller version. Both lighters have the same dimensions as our Classic Large lighter but with an extended neck. The difference is that the Mini Plus has a longer neck than the Mini Tube.

Alternative Ways to Light Your Backpacking Stove or Start a Campfire

There are plenty of ways to light a stove or campfire. A ferro rod is a great tool, although learning how to use one correctly takes some time. Lighting a gas stove with a Ferro rod can also be very dangerous. Lighters are a much safer and more convenient option.

Many other types of lighters are also available, not all of which are good for camping. Let's take a look at a few of them and see why.


Zippo lighters are made of metal and must be filled with lighter fluid. While the flint and wick can be replaced, they could be better camping lighters. They're stylish and offer good wind resistance, but zippo lighters are prone to gas evaporation, which is not ideal for extended camping trips.

Disposable Lighters

While a disposable lighter may last your entire trip, once the gas runs out, it's time to throw it out and get a new one. In addition, plastic disposable lighters are not refillable, thus, they're a major contributor to plastic waste. Choosing a refillable lighter over a disposable lighter will reduce the amount of plastic waste in our natural environment.

Plasma Lighters

Plasma lighters are flameless, but batteries power them. While a plasma arc lighter is rechargeable, it's not a good choice for long camping trips. They can also be bulky and heavy, adding unnecessary weight to your pack.

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Camping is only sometimes sunny skies and mild weather. Sometimes things can take a turn for the worse, making starting campfires challenging. Windy conditions and rain make it difficult to create fire, an essential element to any campsite.

The best camping lighters are durable, lightweight, and reusable. Clipper lighters are made from lightweight nylon, which stands well even after extensive use. Our Classic flint lighter can quickly be dried out if it gets wet. Our Jet Flame lighter is wind resistant and has an adjustable flame, ideal for lighting fires in adverse conditions. So whether you're an ultra-lighter backpacker or a backyard camper, Clipper has a lighter for you. Check out our full range to find your lighter. 

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