Tackling A Big Environmental Problem

Plastic Waste

  • 80% of all plastic waste is dumped

    Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste and microplastics are dumped into the ocean, harming the environment and the fragile ecosystems that depend on it.

  • 9% of plastic is recycled

    A very small fraction of plastic is actually recycled each year, prompting the emergence of bans on single use and disposable plastic products.

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Small actions have a big impact

Reusing Clipper Lighters Can Help Reduce:

  • Plastic waste

  • The consumption of plastic and other natural resources

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Clipper is Truly Reusable

Since 1972, Clipper has provided the full solution for reusability of plastic lighters.

Read on to learn about how Clipper lighters are reused for a lifetime of use and what sets us apart from the rest.

With Clipper you can...

Refill the gas, the flint and replace the sparkwheel*, giving you the option to reuse it as many times as you want.

*Available in specialized stores and online. Sold Seperately.

Going beyond reusability

Sustainability is at the core of Clipper’s mission

  • Clipper is one of the very few lighters manufactured using Nylon. Nylon allows the use of less overall plastic.

  • 34% of each Clipper lighter is made from recycled materials.

    (Certified by Geolab accredited laboratory)

  • 60% of the energy consumed during production process comes from renewable sources.

    (Certified by CNMC)

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