Start a Campfire in a Gale with a Clipper Wind Resistant Lighter

Start a Campfire in a Gale with a Clipper Wind Resistant Lighter

Lighting campfires and grills in windy conditions can be nearly impossible, if you’re a fan of the outdoors, you need a lighter that stays lit in a gale. But what kind of lighter is right for you, and what are the features you should look for in a wind-resistant lighter? In this article, we’ll take a look at why Clipper lighters are ideal for anyone trying to start a fire outdoors.

Say No to the Disposable Utility Lighter

Disposable lighters significantly contribute to plastic waste, so refillable lighters are the way to go if you want to cut down on plastic waste. Not only can you refill the gas insight a Clipper lighter, but you can also replace the flint. In fact, our reusable lighters can practically last an entire lifetime. 

Check our Reusability Guide to learn more.

Wave Wind Resistant Lighter (With Visible Fuel Supply)

Have you ever burnt your fingers while trying to light a grill? To remedy this problem, our Wave Wind Resistant Lighter creates some distance between you and the flame by using a barrel extension that prevents the flame from touching you. Instead of a flint wheel, it features an electronic-trigger ignition system. 


This premium utility lighter features a lock that prevents the flame from being triggered unintentionally, making it a great choice if you have kids or just want to prevent your lighter from being activated by accident.


This premium lighter is refillable, so all you have to do is grab your canister of Clipper isobutane and insert the nozzle and you’ll be ready to light a fire in seconds. The Wave has a visible fuel supply, which helps you keep an eye on the fuel level. It also offers the most extensive fuel supply of all our lighters.

The adjustable flame on the Wave gives you full control over the size of the flame.

What's more, it's wind resistant. Light campfires, grills, and fireplaces in windy conditions with ease. You can get this great wind resistant lighter in white, red, blue, or black.

Classic Electronic Jet Flame

Are you looking for something a little more compact than our Wave Wind Resistant Lighter? Try our Classic Electronic Jet Flame Lighter. You'll never have a problem with this lighter going out since it stays lit in windy conditions and is excellent for all outdoor lighting.

Pocket-Friendly and Refillable

Our Classic Electronic Lighter is part of our Pocket Lighter lineup. It’s small enough to fit anywhere, so slip this lighter into your jeans pocket, handbag, or emergency kit. Just like the Wave, it's refillable via a small, easy-to-use valve at the bottom of the lighter, and the electronic ignition system means you never have to replace the flint.

Wind Resistant and Adjustable

The Classic wind resistant lighter has an adjustable flame, giving you full control of the flame size. If you're out in the backcountry and need to conserve gas, keep it on a low setting, and you'll be set for your entire trip. This lighter is available in a wide range of finishes from Solid, Shiny, Soft Touch, Crystal, Dark Nebular, and Printed.

Metal Jet Flame

If you're looking for a wind resistant lighter with a more premium feel, our Metal Jet Flame gives you precisely that. Just like our Classic Electronic Jet Flame, this lighter is refillable. It also features an electronic ignition system and an adjustable flame, and you can get this lighter in an ultra-premium silver finish.


Lighting a fire outside on a windy day can be difficult, but a wind resistant lighter can help you get the job done fast. Clipper has a range of lighters that will stay lit, even in less than ideal conditions. Our Classic Jet Flame is ideal for the person on the move, so lip it into your pocket, purse, or backpack, and you're ready to hit the road.

Our Wave Wind Resistant Lighter is ideal for home and camping, with its extended neck that keeps you away from the flame. It features a safety lock, an adjustable flame, and a visible fuel tank. 

All our lighters are refillable and made from high quality materials that last. With Clipper, you’ll never have problems lighting a fire in strong winds. Happy camping!

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