Custom Clipper Lighters - Express Your Uniqueness

Custom Clipper Lighters - Express Your Uniqueness

Are you looking for a way to get people talking about your business? Corporate gifts are a great way to market yourself or your company. However, most corporate gifts aren’t useful and quickly get thrown away. A reusable lighter is a great way to promote your brand while giving people something they’ll actually use again and again.

Many people never leave home without their lighter, and they often get shared with other people or passed around at parties. Branding a lighter with your company logo is an excellent way to get in front of a wide audience. Below, we’ll look at custom Clipper lighters and how they can help you promote your brand. 

Why Custom Clipper Lighters?

With all the options available, why choose Clipper lighters? Well, Clipper has been around since 1959. Over the decades, our brand has cemented itself as a world leader in reusable lighters. 

A Great and Affordable Way to Promote Your Brand

Branded products are the perfect way to get your customer's attention. Custom Clipper lighters can sport your company name, number, or web address. Or, you can keep it simple with just your company logo.

Lighters are a great option for promoting your brand because of their social nature. Lighters are often borrowed, shared, or gifted, so this means your lighters have the potential to pass between many hands and be seen by countless people. Clipper lighters can help your business stay top-of-mind with all types of potential customers.

Reusable Lighter

Clipper lighters are 100% reusable, meaning that you can replace the flint as well as the gas. There is no reason for your lighter to end up in a landfill, so your money on your custom Clipper lighters is well-spent. By choosing Clipper, you’ll also be doing your part to  reduce plastic waste.

Refillable gas

You can refill a Clipper lighter in seconds using the small valve at the bottom of every Clipper. Simply place the stem of your Clipper isobutane canister into the valve. In less than 5 seconds, your lighter is ready to be used again! Just remember to hold both the lighter and the canister upside down when refilling.

Replaceable Flint

Our dynamic flint housing allows you to replace the flint too. Remove the housing system by pulling on the flint wheel, then unscrew the cap at the end of the barrel and replace the flint. Replace the cap and the accommodation, and it's ready to go. It's that easy.


Clipper lighters are made from polyamide 66, an extremely durable nylon. This material resists most chemicals, extreme temperatures, and abrasion. Only high quality materials are used in the manufacturing of Clipper lighters since our lighters are designed to endure a lifetime of use.


The fact that Clippers are reusable lighters makes them much more sustainable than other alternatives. Better yet, Clipper lighters are made from 33% recycled materials. 

Don't put your company logo on something that will end up in a landfill – with a custom clipper lighter,  you can ensure your branded merch sticks around for years. Choosing Custom Clipper Lighters is a smart choice for both your brand and the environment.

Your Creative Options

With Clipper, you have a vast range of creative options. Not only can you choose your model, but you can also choose everything from the finish, color, and material. Let's take a closer look.

Choose Your Model

Begin by selecting the Clipper lighter model you'd prefer. The Classic Large Clipper offers a large gas capacity. This is an excellent option if your clients are into outdoor activities, since you can use this lighter for a long time without worrying about refilling it. 

Our Classic Pocket offers a happy medium. It fits easily into a pocket or a handbag and is the ideal size for most day-to-day situations.

On the other hand, our Classic Micro is the smallest of Clipper lighters, which is excellent for small handbags or as a backup lighter. 

Clipper Minitube has a slight extension on the top of the lighter, which is great for lighting campfires and BBQs. 

Our Electronic Jet lighter offers a great alternative to flint lighters. Instead of a flint ignition system, it's powered by an electric spark!

Select Your Color and Finish

Clipper allows you to choose various assorted colors, and you even have the option to select your custom color. You can then customize your finish and choose between a solid body color, translucent, crystal, and soft-touch.Finally, choose between black and silver for the metal cap. 

Add Your Artwork and Text

You can decorate your custom lighters with any kind of artwork or logo. You can then add text, such as an email, phone number, or website. With the option to choose your lighter’s body color, artwork, and text, the creative possibilities are endless!

Choose a Cover

Finally, Clipper allows you to choose a cover with a custom print. Our covers come in metal, silicon, foam, and cork, and these add an extra layer of protection for the lighter and added grip.


Custom Clipper Lighters are a great way to express yourself or market your business. Whether you plan to hand them out at tradeshows or ship them directly to your clients, Custom Clipper lighters will have people talking about your business. 

The best part is that Clipper lighters are refillable, so your investment will be around for a long time. There’s no reason for a Clipper lighter to end up in a landfill, so choosing Clipper means that your business will be cutting back on plastic waste and helping the environment. 

You have full creative freedom when choosing Clipper lighters, so be bold and showcase your brand to new and existing customers. Get started today!

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