Creative Lighters by Clipper

Creative Lighters by Clipper

Are you looking for creative lighters to express your personality? Not all lighters are created equal, and a cool lighter may not necessarily be good or reliable. When buying a lighter, you don’t just want something that looks good – you likely want it to be reusable and durable too. This article will introduce you to Clipper's coolest lighters and give you in-depth tips on how to choose a high-quality lighter for your next smoke session. 

The Clipper Brand

Clipper has been around since 1972 and has become the number 1 reusable lighter globally over the decades. Our lighters are designed to be reused as much as you like. Not only can you refill the gas, but you can also replace the flint and flint wheel.

What Makes a Good Lighter?

Reusability is the key to reducing single-use plastic. That's why it's the core of our design philosophy. Furthermore, Clipper uses high-quality materials to ensure our lighters can be reused repeatedly without cracking or leaking.

How long can a Clipper lighter last? According to a GEOLAB-accredited laboratory study, one of our lights can last at least 83 years.

We use high-grade nylon for the body of our plastic lighters that are flexible, uncrackable, and ultra-durable. We fill our lighters with iso-butane, which is odorless and can be stored under lower pressures. Our lighters come with a pre-set flame height, offering reliability and high safety.

Just because a lighter is practical, safe, reusable, and durable, it doesn't mean it needs to be ugly. Clipper has lots of unique designs for you to choose from when you’re looking for your next lighter. Let's take a look.

Coolest Lighters with Creative Designs

Clipper has teamed up with talented designers to create our range of Printed Classic Large Pocket lighters. Each range has a different theme, making these decorative lighters the perfect collector's gift. Check out Clipper's Printed lineup and find a range that reflects your unique style.

Clipper Custom Lighters

Are you looking for unique lighters? If so, Clipper Custom Lighters are the way to go. Choose your favorite model, color, and finish. You can choose text or even upload an image you'd like printed on the lighters.

Cool Lighter Covers

You can also select a range of lighter covers made from metal, foam, silicone, or cork. These covers give your lighter extra grip and an added layer of protection from wear. Our covers are customizable, meaning you can choose your material and print.


If you're a business owner looking to promote your brand, a lighter emblazoned with your company logo is a great way to raise awareness. Think about how many times a single lighter may pass from one hand to another -- especially one that's 100% reusable.

Photo by Alma Rosenfeld on Unsplash

4 of Clipper's Coolest Lighters

Clipper has a wide range of lighters to choose from. Let's highlight some of Clipper's coolest lighters.

Classic Electronic Jet Flame Lighter

Our Classic Jet Flame lighter forgoes the classic flint system for electronic spark ignition, which requires zero maintenance. Just like all Clipper lighters, the Jet Flame is refillable, meaning you can reuse it as much as you want.

As the name suggests, the Jet Flame Lighter features a jet-like flame similar to a blow torch. It offers excellent windproof properties, perfect for lighting a campfire in windy conditions.

Clipper Electronic Jet Flame lighters come in various colors and creative finishes, including Nebula, translucent, and printed versions.

Clipper Metal Lighter

Nothing says style like a full metal lighter. The solid construction of Clipper's Metal lighters offers a satisfying feel in hand and an elevated level of sophistication. The shape resembles our Classic Pocket version but offers extra durability and class.

Clipper metal lighters are available in Icy colors, rose gold, gold, matte black, shiny silver, and more. Level up your lighter game with fancy lighters from Clipper.

Clipper Minitube

Our Minitube lighter features an extended barrel, which puts some distance between you and the flame. It offers extra safety, excellent for practical tasks around the house or outdoors. These creative lighters are perfect for lighting bonfires, BBQs, or candles on a cake.

Better still, this lighter takes up very little space, which means it's great for slipping into a backpack and taking it along on adventures. They're available in various decorative finishes, including the much-loved gradient colors.

Photo by Elena Rabkina on Unsplash


Using fancy lighters may be a great way to elevate your style, but do they last? Clipper has a range of decorative lighters and ultra-classy full metal lighters. Better still, they're 100% reusable, meaning you can refill and replace the flint and use them as often as you want.

We use high-quality materials to create durable lighters designed to be used repeatedly that also enhance your personal style. Some of our coolest lighters are our metal lighters, which include sophisticated finishes like rose gold, matte silver, shiny black, and more. Take a look at our full range.
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